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Welcome to my blog!


Hi, everyone! This post is very special because well, it’s my first fashion blog post EVER. For the longest time I talked about starting a fashion blog, but after a long list of excuses, etc., it just never happened.

Obviously that’s all changed now! I’ve decided to throw myself into this whole fashion blogger thing…so here we are!

Coming up with an outfit for the first post was challenging (mostly because of my messy closet!) and in the end I decided to go with something fun and summery. It’s an outfit I’ll have on repeat all summer.


The top is brand new and is from Club Monaco…one of my favorite brands. I love this print and the detail in the back (a bow…too cute) really sold me. I feel like it goes with a lot, and you could even pair it with dress pants for work. Today though, I went with the obvious choice…white jeans. Who doesn’t love wearing  white jeans in the summer?! This pair is J brand, one of my favorite denim brands. Their jeans fit me like a glove, so my closet is filled with different shades of their skinny jeans.


Let’s talk about the sandals. These were my splurge purchase for spring/summer. They’re Stuart Weitzman…one of my go-tos for shoes. I like to think of these sandals as a more comfortable and realistic for NYC- version of the Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandal. While I love a good pair of pumps, let’s face it….they’re not practical for NYC streets….or even my lifestyle.  These sandals are SUPER comfortable and they go with pretty much everything. I think I’ll be wearing them for many years to come.




The bag is Chanel and is “on loan” from my mom. She’s a pretty stylish lady, and I have her to thank for my sense of style…and many of the things you’ll see on this blog.

You’ll probably see this hat I’m wearing (it’s from Wallaroo Hats) in many of my summer posts. I highly recommend investing in a good wide-brimmed hat. It looks cute and will keep you protected. I love the color and style of this hat…it pretty much goes with everything.

Thanks for reading!





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