Summer Style

LBD (Long Black Dress)

Welcome back! I hope you’re having a great weekend šŸ™‚ Since I’m new to this whole fashion blogger thing, there’s pretty much an unlimited number of outfits I can share. But for today’s look, I decided to go with what I like to think of as the LBD with a twist. My closet, like many girls, has several little black dresses (I think I have at least five!) Because let’s face it…When in doubt, an LBD always does the trick!

As someone on the shorter side (I’m 5’4) I always steered clear of long/maxi dresses. I just always felt like they were made for tall women. That was the case, until I found this dress.


It’s by ATM, a brand my mom turned me onto (they sell it at Saks and Barney’s and online at places like Shopbop). The dress is SUPERĀ comfortable and the fabric is nice and soft. But what truly makes this dress is the back…it has a pretty generous slit.


For some reason, I feel like the slit makes all the difference. Paired with wedges (these are Prada from a few years back) I’m ready to go to work or dinner (but let’s be real, I’m obviously changing my shoes when I get to my destination, because these are not commuting shoes!!)


Let’s talk about the jewelry, specifically theĀ bracelets. Stacking bracelets is my FAVORITEĀ thing to do, and as you can tell, I don’t subscribe to the less is more mentality. I keep the arm candy on my left arm the same every day…watch, a few David Yurman bangles and a beaded bracelet. The right arm is where I like to switch things up. I always have my trusty Fitbit (I’m obsessed with counting my steps…just ask my BF!) and I change the other pieces on the daily. Today, I’m wearing two Tory Burch wrap studded bracelets. I don’t wear them regularly, but literally every time I do wear them I say to myself, “Why don’t I wear these more often?!”


When I put this outfit post together, I had going out on the brain, so I paired it with my Chanel evening bag. Yes friends, I’m a lucky gal. I’ve had this bag since college and it’s such a classic. I pretty much always use it when I go out. It’s certainly an investment, but since I’ll have it for ever it’s totally with it, right?!


Thanks for stopping by!



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