Summer Style

Weekend on the Millstream

This past weekend, my BF and I escaped the concrete jungle and headed upstate for a few days of peace and tranquility in Woodstock, NY…see what I did there with peace 🙂  Upstate NY is so beautiful…just can’t get enough of all that greenery!

As luck would have it, the weather wasn’t perfect, but we made the most of it! We stayed at this cute little inn called Woodstock Inn on the Mill Stream, which is where these very photos were taken.

Woodstock is a pretty casual place, so today I’m showcasing a casual outfit I typically wear on the weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I love to get all fancy and dolled up, but on the weekends, I’m totally a shorts, t-shirt and sneakers type of girl.

The sparkly top (because who doesn’t love a little pizazz) is a basic J.Crew v-neck. I love t-shirts like this because you can dress them up or down. Today I’m wearing the tee with shorts, but I would also pair it with a skirt and heels for work.


The shorts deserve their own paragraph…these are from Aqua (the Bloomingdale’s house brand). A little secret…they are actually from the junior’s section. Let me tell you, finding shorts that are not the boyfriend style is a tall order. I’m a narrow fit, so the boyfriend/baggy look isn’t too flattering on me. This season I needed a few new pairs of shorts, and it was seriously such a hard process! I was out shopping with my mom and I think we went to three or four stores before she finally suggested looking in the junior’s section…and that was a huge success. I love these shorts because of the color, and the fringe at the bottom…It just says fun!


The belt is from Club Monaco and I’ve been wearing it on repeat this summer. I bought it years ago to wear with black dresses, but lately I’ve been using it as a traditional belt. It’s a nice go-to for the days I’m just wearing shorts/jeans and a t-shirt. The shoes (featured a few shots above) are Adidas (Ultra Boost) and I’m seriously obsessed! I’ll admit, I originally only purchased them because my BF has a similar pair and I was jealous, but it’s a decision I don’t regret. They are so comfortable and I think they work pretty well with shorts or jeans. It sounds silly, but because I run so much, I pretty much only wear sneakers when I go out. I don’t want to damage my feet, and sneakers are pretty much the only safe bet.


If you’re a loyal reader, you’ll recognize the hat from a previous post. It pretty much comes everywhere with me! The sunglasses are from Ann Taylor Loft. I love the cat eye frames, and I think they look good on everyone.



Accidentally, my BF (and photographer) was able to capture my necklaces in a candid shot. I went for a layering look with my go-to pieces. I’ve had the heart necklace since childhood and it is one of my all-time faves. The longer necklace with the pearls (it actually has a heart-shaped whistle at the bottom, which actually works) was a gift from my mom a while back. I usually wear the two necklaces together…maybe it’s the heart thing 😉

At this point you may be wondering what we did in Woodstock…besides take photos. We ate a ton of great food and when the weather cooperated, we were able to hike to Huckleberry Point. The view (below) was breathtaking, and totally worth all of the struggle. Let me tell you, my running abilities are much better than my hiking abilities! I struggled up the inclines, huffed and puffed my way to the top. Fortunately the return trip was mostly downhill, though at one point my shoe got stuck in the mud!


I hope you had a great weekend too! Thanks for stopping by!



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