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Hit the track

I’m so excited about today’s post because it combines two of my favorite things: running and fashion. If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I post a lot about running. It’s a big part of my life, as I’m running my first half marathon, the Disney Wine & Dine Half, at the beginning of November (which is officially less than two months away…AHHH).

I was running like crazy this summer, which was great in that I was able to build up my endurance enough to run 13.1 miles. However, my crazy workout schedule also did some harm as I’m currently recovering from a knee injury that’s pretty much sidelined me. It’s been a little defeating, but I know things take time to heel. I’m hoping to be back up and running (ha!) within the next two weeks, as I’m signed up for a 10-miler at the end of the month 😬

dsc_7896-editI love running for a laundry list of reasons. Beyond the health and stress-relieving benefits it gives me yet another excuse to shop for cute clothes like this little number, which is by far my favorite running outfit. Both the top and tights are from Athleta, one of my running apparel go-tos. They always have great prints (like these tights) and fun, bright colors.

dsc_7855The top is great because it has a sports bra built in…just one less thing to worry about 😉 It also shows off a little skin which is nice, especially for those super hot days we had this summer.

dsc_7863I was immediately drawn to the tights because of the floral print. They also have netting at the bottom which has been super popular lately. As someone who owns a lot of running tights, I can tell you that they are not all created equal. These have Lycra in them so they are super stretchy and comfy.

dsc_7865These pink Asics are my new running kicks. They are a great stability shoe, plus I like how bright they are…certainly can’t miss me on race day. I haven’t logged a ton of miles in them yet (silly injury) but they’ve certainly gotten more comfortable the more I’ve worn them. Hopefully they’ll be all worn in by the time I lace up for my half at Disney!

dsc_7872If you went to Commack High School you may recognize the scenery in this post…we shot these photos at the high school track. I hadn’t been there in forever and it was so fun! And my legs felt great…I forgot how much better it feels to run on a track 🙂 Injury update: I was nervous but decided to give running a try the day we shot this look. I ran a slow 800m on the track and felt pretty good. I’ve logged in another slow run since and felt okay. Keeping my fingers crossed!

dsc_7901Enjoy the rest of your week!



Outfit details:

Top (Athleta…on sale!!) // Tights (Athleta…mine are no longer available but these would be great for cooler temps) // Sneakers (Asics…The GT-2000™ 4)


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