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Crushing it in the Bronx

Hello there! I hope you had a great weekend and are easing into the week. I had a busy weekend, which culminated with running the New Balance Bronx 10 Mile on Sunday.

I’ve been anxious about this race for weeks now. I cut my mileage back significantly since I injured my knee in early August, so the 10 miles felt so daunting. But, I’m happy to report that I did indeed finish the race and my knee felt pretty good.


Running this race means a lot to me and it was the confidence booster that I needed. For one, I’m starting to feel like my old running self again (feels so good to be logging in miles in the double digits!) Secondly, it made my upcoming half marathon seem less daunting. I didn’t run my hardest this race because of my knee, so I know there is certainly more left in the tank.

I was very fortunate to have my own cheering squad (my BF and mom) who woke up at the crack of dawn to come to the race with me and ride the subway a million times to cheer me on and snap pics throughout the race.

There were more than 11,000 people particpating in the race (made for a very crowded subway!) and there was such great energy. I don’t run with anyone, and it’s  truly the camaraderie and spirit among runners that keeps me going. I love running for its fitness benefits, but more than anything, I love it for the strength that it’s given me. I’ve made so much progress in the past year with my running, and I can’t wait to get even better in the months to come.




I hope you have a great week!


dsc_8062While it may appear otherwise, this is a picture of me stretching before the race

Outfit Details:

Shirt (New Balance race tee) // Tights (Athleta…similar here) // Sweatshirt (Athleta) // Sneakers (Asics) // Hat (Nike) // Medal (All mine!!)


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