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Indian summer

While I love fall weather, there’s nothing better than a mild fall weekend. You know, the kind where you can leave the jacket at home and opt for a vest or in my case blazer…those are the best days in my book!

dsc_8382We had one of those mild weather patterns this past weekend in NYC. I decided to take advantage, as seen in this look here. I absolutely love blazers because they are so versatile. This blazer here is one of my two Theory black blazers. It’s a pretty standard work blazer, and on the weekends I like to pair it with more casual tops and bottoms.

dsc_8390I’ve loved this blue [sheer] top since the moment I tried it on. Blue is one of my favorite colors, so that initially drew me in. I also love how it’s not your average sleeveless shirt. The bottom is angled which I think makes it a standout piece.

Since I wore this outfit over the weekend, I decided to go casual and opted for a pair of black leggings. Not going to lie, I love wearing leggings in the fall and winter. My mom always taught me it’s okay to wear leggings…as long as you are wearing a shirt long enough to cover your behind. Hopefully my mom will approve of this combo!

dsc_8378I decided to stick with the blue theme with this scarf. Isn’t it a beauty? It was a gift from my brother and sister-in-law and I absolutely love it. I love the colors and pattern, plus it’s super soft 🙂

dsc_8385Once again, I’m wearing my favorite Vince Camuto boots, recently shown on this post. What can I say…they just go with everything!!

dsc_8379And how can I forget about the bag?! Finally decided to change things up so I switched to this vintage Chanel bag, last featured in this post.


Outfit Details:

Blazer (Theory) // Top (Helmut Lang…old, love this t-shirt) // Leggings (Theory) // Scarf (Kit and Ace…love this pattern) // Boots (Vince Camuto) // Bag (Chanel)


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