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2016: A year in review

At the beginning of the year I put together a list of goals I wanted to accomplish in 2016. Since sharing the full list would likely bore you I’ll say this…I did pretty darn well at accomplishing my goals this year!

One of the walls in our apartment is filled with pictures—we’ve got friends, family and pictures from our travels. We just printed out a fresh set of pictures, which made me realize just how great 2016 has been. Here’s a snapshot of what life has been like for me this year:

img_1916This was taken in March during my first race (a 10K) of 2016.

dsc_0947-editOne of my favorite pictures from our Europe trip this spring. This is at the top of Mont Blanc in the French Alps. 

img_2206We visited Como during our stay in northern Italy. No George Clooney sightings, but the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. 

dsc_1415On our drive back to Zurich from Milan the sights were pretty amazing. 

dsc_7017We spent a long weekend in Woodstock, NY this summer and went on a beautiful hike.

dsc_8092After a brief running hiatus (thanks injuries!) I was back at it just in time for the Bronx 10-miler in Sept.

dsc_8044This September my mom celebrated a big birthday so we all gathered in NYC for a big bash. 

img_2550The #1 goal on my list for 2016 was running a half marathon. Things started to get very real when I picked up my race pack. 

img_2590Our trip to Disney wasn’t all about running. We also got to check out Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival…so much food 🙂

dsc_8482Crossing the finish line at my first half marathon this November. 



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